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Offbeat, wacky, and odd images taken in Milwaukee and the S.E. WI region. Images celebrating a by-gone era of tourist attractions, roadside architecture, and roadside america. Everyday, slice-of-life images. Whether it be a house that looks like a boat, a bunch of bronze duck statues, or a few large fiberglass cows, the area certaintly has its share of interesting attractions.

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Signature Wall 0709
Racing Sausages 6107
King Gambrinus 9513
Buried Car 0004
Large Mural 2033
Windmill House 1973
Amelias Airplane 1939
Airplane on Roof 1925
Upside-Down Baluster 1166
Purple House 0520
Directional Signage 9868
Mexican Statues 2958
Elwood Blues 7661
Jake Blues 7663
Worlds Largest Zippo Lighter 2689
Worlds Largest Four-Faced Clock 7638
Windmill 2922
Waynes Drive-In 5261
Wadhams Gas Station - North and 4th 2133
Wadhams Gas Station - National and 76th 2237
Wadhams Gas Station - Lincoln and 27th 2167
Trophy Fish 2449
Tripoli Shrine Temple 2064
The Pagoda Jewerly Store 4110
Stagasaurus in a Batting Cage 3883
Snowmobile on a Pole 0178
Sherman Perk Coffee Shop 5174
Sherman Perk Coffee Shop 5092
Security Guard 5504
Root Beer Float Barrel 1800
Root Beer Barrel 0929
Robin Yount Signed Cow 0838
Pryor Ave Iron Well 6910
Ottos Sign 7191
Oscar Mayer Wienermobile 2089
Ornate Doorway 5311
Nike Missile Base Radar 1736
Nike Missile Base Memorial 1749
Nike Missile Base Guard Shack 2697
Nike Missile Base Guard Shack 1769
Milwaukees Largest Urinal 6143
McDonalds Lighthouse 4234
Mary Nohl Sculptures 2524
Mary Nohl Sculptures 2511
Lohrs Gas Station 3707
Liquor Bottle Sign 0003
Leons Custard Stand Sign 2205
Leons Custard Stand 2185
Laverne and Shirley Bottling Line 3210
Laverne and Shirley Bottling Line 3209